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Photo Club

Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Preetham

Curated By

Sudhanshu Rao Tarun Donadi Deeksha Agrawal
Sri Balaji Nathaniel Andrews Reuben Philip
Mohit M Siddartha Sai Karan Vyas
Visala Annamalai Ojas Shivakumar Kamlesh Kumar
Aishwarya Arakal Tejasvi R Shayantani
Anirudha J Retika Yadav Rishi Eswar
Shiva Sampathan Disha Jain Balamurali

About Us

God Said 'Let there be Light'
Man Said 'Let’s take a Photo'

You’ve Been Shot is the Official Photography Club of Tamil Nadu National Law School

The Photography Club is a blend of people who want to capture and create beauty. The club was active since the inception of the University. But oficially it started on 1st November 2016. The club is recording some of the precious moments of the TNNLS life which every TNNLSite can savor for their lifetime after passing out. We are the most desired people at any event, sometimes more than the guests. While we do capture the interactive session by various guest speakers, we also capture the fun-filled Cultural events, Sports events, Festivals, etc. We are the eyes of TNNLS. We capture everything and give it back to the students so that they can savour that moment forever. We are mostly seen running up and down the with our camera. Nevertheless, we are driven by the happiness a person feels when he/she sees while being clicked or while they’ve been shot. And then we capture that feeling by saying “Say Cheese”

Over the years, the Club had captured every nourished moment of this university, And organised 1st Photography Exhibition – ‘Shutter Up’. In the coming years, the club will organise activities whereby everyone will get a chance to learn photography through practice workshops and field trips to help participants gain exposure and become sensitised to the world around them by utilising their camera to the fullest.